Affordable Infertility Treatment

For the First Time Ever

our123Baby will be the world’s first affordable infertility treatment. It will be significantly cheaper than comparable treatment in a clinic, costing hundreds as opposed to thousands. Use it at home with help from an our123Baby Healthcare Professional. See a complete list of the Benefits.

The Right Sperm, in the Right Place, at the Right Time

That’s all we can reveal today about our123Baby. In development for 12 years by Dr. Marion Vollmer, the patented our123Baby Kit will be available worldwide in 2024

It’s Complicated - So We Wrote the Book

Overcoming infertility is a complicated subject, so we wrote an eBook with everything you need to know: WE WANT A BABY NOW. There is also an Audiobook version. Both are free for a limited time only.


The our123Baby kit will be available worldwide in 2024, and the benefits will be:

Low Price

Anywhere from 10 to 50 times less than comparable clinical options.


Buy in the pharmacy and use at home.

Maximize your Time

Avoid the fertility clinic waiting rooms altogether.

Do it all at Home

Say goodbye to travelling to the clinic. No more traffic, parking, stress, waiting, and more stress.

You are Not Alone

Our certified our123Baby Healthcare Professionals guide you every step of the way.

Private & Confidential

Only you and an our123Baby Healthcare Professional need to know.

All Natural

We leave it to nature. We just help a bit.

Go Medication Free

Medication does help but it’s not required.

Needles Not Required

Yes, they make us pass out too.

Cope Metric & Calculator

Advertised “success rates” for fertility treatment don’t factor in cost. So success usually refers to how much the clinics make. We want to revolutionize infertility treatment globally (read our Mission) so we have invented a new metric for the industry: Cost per Percentage (Cope). This is your success and not the clinics, because the Cope Metric factors in your costs, and tells you what you pay for every 1% chance of achieving a live birth. To help calculate the Cope Metric, we created a Cope Calculator that is free to use.

An Insider's Guide to Overcoming Infertility

You are struggling with infertility and you need a solution now. But there is an overwhelming amount of information out there and it can be incredibly confusing. We know. We get it. So, we wrote a book to help you understand the basics in about an hour. It’s a fun and no-holds-barred primer that helps you understand the disease of infertility and the treatments that are available, including our own low-cost solution: our123Baby. It also covers things that you can do for free to enhance your fertility, such as lifestyle changes. Most importantly, it looks in detail at the costs you will face and your odds for overcoming infertility. You can overcome it. We’ll get you off to a great start. 

Free for a Limited Time Only

Our Mission: A Global Infertility Treatment Revolution

Approximately 300 million people worldwide are infertile and yet only about 1% of them are treated with IVF each year. Multiple cycles of IVF treatment can cost as much as $50,000. Even more when travel times, wait times and so forth are factored in, not to mention the psychological toll that such an invasive procedure takes.

Something has to change. For 46% of the people worldwide suffering from infertility, our123Baby will be the perfect low-cost solution and it will cost just hundreds per treatment. Our goal is a total democratization of treatment worldwide so that everyone and anyone in the world who wants treatment has an affordable option. 

Management Team

Daniel Wilson
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Marion Vollmer
Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Welsh
Chief Revenue Officer


my123Baby Medical Limited is the company behind our123Baby. We are a medical device company founded in Ireland and operating out of our branch office in Germany. The company’s patented Pleiades DeviceTM , which is included in each our123Baby Kit, enables couples to perform a simple assisted reproduction treatment at home. The company was founded by Dr. Marion Vollmer, a biomedical scientist and leading fertility expert, and Daniel Wilson, a startup specialist who has already been involved in a few world’s firsts.

* Success rates for our123Baby are based on preliminary clinical testing but they are subject to change. our123Baby will be a prescription-only product and a Healthcare Professional will be involved in administering the treatment. Release of our123Baby is subject to regulatory approval in most countries worldwide so conditions and prices may vary in your country. Release in the United States is contingent upon approval by the FDA.

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Daniel Wilson

Chief Executive Officer / Co-founder

Daniel Wilson is a Co-founder of my123Baby Medical Limited. He currently serves as the CEO and Director/Secretary on the Board. He has 35 years of entrepreneurial experience running his own companies and helping make several startups successful. He created all of the documentation for Visual Banker at Footprint Software in Toronto which was purchased by IBM as its worldwide banking solution. He also helped Silicon Valley-based Seeker Software create the first Enterprise HR system on the Web, which eventually led to a multi-million-dollar sale of the company.

Before transitioning to our123Baby full time, he ran a successful native-English software training and documentation company (Training & Doc Guru) together with Dr. Marion Vollmer, establishing it as one of the top firms in the field and attracting some of Germany’s top companies as clients, including Zalando, GetYourGuide and ProSieben.

Dr. Marion Vollmer

Chief Technology Officer / Inventor / Co-founder

Dr. Marion Vollmer (PhD) is a Co-founder of my123Baby Medical Limited, CTO and a Director on the Board. Marion has interdisciplinary knowledge in biology, chemistry, and physics. Marion studied life sciences, focusing on molecular biology, human genetics, and immunology. During her PhD thesis at the Helmholtz Center Munich, she specialized in embryology and stem cell research and received her PhD in 2010 from the Technical University in Munich.

She moved on to work at the Faculty of Physics at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich where she worked with several applications of nanotechnology to study cellular processes, such as intra-cellular transport and cell movement. After that, at the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Toronto, she became an expert in microfluidics for medical solutions and was a member of the inventor team of a microfluidic device for sperm preparation for assisted reproduction.

After leaving Toronto, Marion developed a medical device for sperm preparation that was specifically designed for commercialization and home usage. This Pleiades DeviceTM is the centerpiece of the our123Baby Kit.

Patrick Welsh

Chief Revenue Officer / Board Member

Patrick has had a distinguished career as a proven sales professional, consistently exceeding revenue goals for a wide variety of clients by using a value-focused sales methodology, built on a foundation of superior relationship building and excellent communication skills. Most recently, he served as VP Sales at Deacom Inc and helped to scale the company for an exit while managing a sales team of 18 people.

Patrick also spent five years at Author-it Software where he was hired by the Board/CEO to develop an American go-to-market strategy to penetrate the Life Sciences vertical, culminating in the largest deal in the company’s 15 year history within six months, and eventually signing up most of the Top 10 pharma companies as clients, including Johnson & Johnson, Amgen, AstraZeneca, Roche, Abbvie, Novartis, Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb.